How to Win in Competitive & Costly PPC Environments


How to Win in Competitive & Costly PPC Environments

Winning in high-cost verticals requires leveraging different tools and a marketing mindset. Here are six ways to get started.

3 Keys You Need To Know for PPC in 2019

If you’re spending money on Pay Per Click (Google ads) to drive leads to your website, you need to make sure that you’re (1) not wasting money on bad clicks and (2) actually converting those clicks into leads and deals. On this live replay, Brendan breaks down his best practices for those getting started in PPC: The pros and cons of Google Smart Campaigns, How to structure your keywords, and how to build better connection and credibility. Catch us live every Thursday at 1PM PST on Facebook or

10:00 Trends Brendan sees with PPC:
14:00 Throwing away leads and leaving money on the table because they’re not local to you.
18:35 The Pros and Cons of using Google Smart Campaigns. How it might be costing you more money than you think.
26:00 The biggest mistakes in PPC and how to structure your keywords
36:00 How to calculate your budget for PPC
44:30 The #1 Thing you need to nail down before paying for PPC: Your about page.
51:00 What’s a good cadence or maintenance plan for my campaign & The problem with #1 or #2 spot in Google
58:00 “Have you experimented with YouTube ads?”

Mentioned in this episode:
The most important page on your website:
How to calculate your max cost-per-lead:
Carrot’s PPC report:

8-Figure Formula – How To Win In Competitive Markets

If you want to create change, it starts with you. How? Simple: 1) Take ownership of a problem. 2) Create a solution for that problem. 3) Find others you can serve with the same problem and introduce them to your solution. When you’re ready, this resource will get you started:


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Whether you are starting from scratch or already run a thriving company, this keynote will show you how to build audiences that keep you profitable from Day One. This will make you more profitable, sellable, and scalable from the very first sale.

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SSP #340 – Amazon PPC And Launch Strategies

Serious Sellers Podcast #340 – Amazon PPC And Launch Strategies

What’s new with Amazon PPC and product launches? Today’s guest, Mina Elias, an Amazon FBA and PPC expert, shares his insights, strategies, and experiences in this episode. Listen and learn his specific system for managing his personal and client’s PPC campaigns. He also talks about the benefits of networking and why meeting up and chatting with other sellers can help you level up your Amazon game.

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Amazon PPC Tutorial 2022 | Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies & Benchmarking | PPC Amazon 2022

This video covers advanced Amazon PPC strategies with the help of a PPC benchmarker from sellics. This Amazon PPC Tutorial 2022 covers Amazon PPC for beginners 2022 all the way through to the advanced seller. This Amazon PPC 2022 tutorial shows you how to evaluate your PPC performance against your competitors, evaluate Amazon PPC advanced metrics and employ Amazon FBA PPC optimization strategies to boost your Amazon PPC marketing.

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We cover amazon ppc step by step, from your Amazon PPC launch strategy to Amazon PPC management through the growth stage, and finally Amazon PPC optimization 2022. This Amazon FBA PPC Guide and amazon ppc tutorial for beginners looks at important Amazon pay per click advertising metrics like click through rate and Amazon ACoS amongst others so you can form an Amazon PPC strategy to improve your PPC performance. This PPC Amazon tutorial will answer how to fix PPC on Amazon or how to optimize PPC on Amazon through more than one Amazon FBA PPC strategy and multiple Amazon PPC tricks.



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00:00 – Intro
00:20 – PPC Questions
00:53 – Using a Benchmarker
02:01 – Inside the benchmarker
02:53 – STEP 1: Signup
03:41 – STEP 2: The Basics
04:15 – Sponsored Products Vs Brands
05:08 – STEP 3: Sponsored Products Performance
07:15 – Performance by individual product
09:01 – STEP 4: ACoS performance
09:08 – ACoS explained
11:44 – Advanced ACoS strategies
16:37 – Profit on Ad Sales
17:56 – Optimizing PPC performance
18:08 – STEP 5: CPC Performance
20:06 – Reduce CPC
21:33 – STEP 6: CTR Performance
22:48 – Improve CTR
25:13 – STEP 7: CVR Performance
27:11 – Improve CVR
30:17 – STEP 8: Take Action
31:09 – Steps to Optimize
33:42 – What next?

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