Google Recommends This Core Web Vitals Audit Workflow


Google Recommends This Core Web Vitals Audit Workflow

Google releases a recommended audit strategy targeting Core Web Vitals, as well as highlighting questions to ask and tools to utilize.

A deep dive into optimizing LCP

There is no shortage of advice on the web about improving page load performance, and yet, of the three Core Web Vitals, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is still the hardest metric for most sites to consistently meet the recommended “good” threshold. This talk looks at what makes LCP a hard metric to optimize, and offers some concrete strategies to break this complex metric down into a few simple parts, making it much easier to reason about and ultimately improve.

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Speaker: Philip Walton

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Testing and Optimizing Google’s Core Web Vitals – Part 1

Are you wondering how you can improve your website and start getting free traffic? Watch this video for easy tips.


Here’s the link to the video about Google’s core web vitals:

Here’s the link to Google’s PageSpeed Insights:

Here’s the link to the video about the other web vitals:

Here’s the link to the Webinar:


Did you know research has shown that nearly 91% of web pages get no search traffic from Google? And this is huge considering that 94% of organic searches come from Google.

The reason for this problem is that Google uses certain metrics to test the quality of your website and this algorithm impacts your ranking. And, if your site doesn’t score high enough, it’s not likely to show up on the first page of the search results. And almost no one goes to the second page!

Are you wondering how you can improve your website and start getting free traffic? Watch this video for easy tips.

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Core Web Vitals Explained: How To Fix Site Optimization Issues

Wondering how to fix Core Web Vitals issues? In this video, you’ll get the full rundown on how Core Web Vitals works and what you can do to get your site issues fixed…

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In a nutshell, this video talks about…

00:00 Introduction
00:31 Why Core Web Vitals are Important
01:32 Core Web Vitals as Google Does It

**Getting Quick Synthetic Testing Data**
03:38 Google Lighthouse
03:51 GTmetrix
04:01 Reddico

04:16 Understanding The Reports
04:30 Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
05:10 First Input Delay (FID)
05:37 Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

06:29 Solving LCP and FID problems
06:42 Upgrade Your Hosting
07:08 Caching
07:20 Lazy Load
07:33 Cloud Delivery Network (CDN)
08:00 Image Compression
08:16 Java Script Optimization
08:45 Upgrade to HTTPS
08:54 Summary

09:27 Solving CLS Issues

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The 9 most effective Core Web Vitals opportunities of 2023

It seems there are about as many ways to improve web performance as there are websites themselves. Don’t get overwhelmed! Learn about the 9 areas that the Chrome team has identified as the most effective opportunities to improve Core Web Vitals.

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Speaker: Barry Pollard

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