The Top 4 Enterprise SEO Platform Tools: An In-Depth Review

The Top 4 Enterprise SEO Platform Tools: An In-Depth Review

Using an enterprise SEO platform can increase efficiency while managing organic search. This is a list of the top enterprise SEO marketing tools.

370 | Enterprise In-House SEO Advantages with Paul Shapiro

This week’s featured guest is Paul Shapiro, founder of Online Geniuses, a Slack Chat-based community for internet marketers. He is a programmer and is very fond of horror movies and board games. In fact, he also operates a board game blog. He was on our show back March 2016, when we first discussed AMP on the show. This episode we discussed all things SEO. Tune-in to learn more about SEO during the EDGE of the Web episode 370.

Key topics discussed during the show:

Agency vs in-house SEO
Developing in-house SEO tools
Machine learning & SEO
SEO pro tip

Rank Ranger Review 2021 | SEO Software

Rank Ranger Review 2021 | SEO Software

Rank Ranger is a search engine optimization tool that utilizes features like rank tracking, link management, and landing page performance analysis. Like, Comment and Subscribe

00:00 – Intro
0:25 – What is Rank Ranger?
1:23 – Dashboard section
2:02 – Campaign section
2:10 – Email notification section
2:23 – Import & Export section
2:32 – Reports & Tools section
4:19 – Keywords Research section
5:01 – Site Traffic section
5:25 – Site Explorer section
5:39 – Paid Search section
5:48 – Custom Suite section
6:18 – Digital Marketing section
7:29 – White labels section
8:22 – Pros
9:06 – Cons

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The 3 Fundamental Tools you MUST have set-up in Projects!

Watch our latest video: How to Go Viral on Quora

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Projects in SEMrush offer additional tracking and analysis tools to help you monitor everything about a website’s SEO journey. Join SEMrush’s very own Krista Tidman and Brandon Cooper as they guide you through the projects section of SEMrush. These tools cover the basics of SEO: Website health, keyword tracking on the organic & paid level, and on page optimization analysis.

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Best eCommerce SEO Expert Reveals Newegg Website Audit Results!

In this video, we take a look at the SEO audit results of popular electronics store Newegg. Our expert provides commentary on how the site could improve its search engine optimization, and offers tips on how to boost traffic to the site.

As a website owner, it’s important to make sure your site is optimized for search engines. Unfortunately, with the constantly changing algorithms, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest best practices. One way to stay on top of things is to use SEO audit tools. These tools can help you identify potential problems with your site and suggest ways to fix them.

In addition, they can also keep an eye on your competition and let you know if they’re outranking you for certain keywords. By using SEO audit tools, you can ensure that your site is always operating at its best and that you’re able to compete effectively for traffic.

Chapters / Timestamps:
00:00 Newegg Website SEO Audit Reaction
01:26 Ahrefs Analysis
09:02 Ahrefs Page Review
10:41 Code Inspection
14:50 Ahrefs Internal Linking
15:40 Robot.txt and Sitemap Analysis
21:23 Free Auditing Tools
22:25 PageSpeed Insights
29:38 PenTest Website Scanner
31:39 Qualys SSL Report
33:22 UpGuard
34:17 Observatory
36:42 SiteGuarding
37:18 Seobility
39:20 SEO Tester Online
41:37 Rankwatch
44:27 SEO Site Checkup
45:22 Ubersuggest
45:45 SmallSEOTools
46:40 SEOptimer
48:18 RankMath
50:37 In Summary

To learn more about the breadth of SEO and what we are capable of, check out our Enterprise SEO Solutions

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For more information on our eCommerce solution, check out Clarity eCommerce:

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Narrated by: Chris Reddick
Video by: Reily Halversen

DISCLAIMER: This video showcases my solutions, web pages, etc. that may or may not have been designed or created by Clarity. All Products, Trademarks or Registered Trademarks are the copyrighted and owned property of their respective companies and are only shown as they relate to the video content or project displayed in the video.

You can read more on our Clarity Disclaimer Statement:

The 4 Pillars of Enterprise SEO Success

The 4 Pillars of Enterprise SEO Success

Mitigation, reporting, project management, and relationship building are all important to the success of enterprise SEO. Here's why.

What are the three pillars of a successful marketing program?

In this talk, Jeff Wang of Hiatus breaks down the three overarching themes that support the advertising funnels at Hiatus: media, creative, and analytics. Join him if you’re looking for an edge in innovating your marketing processes or seeing how Hiatus successfully started their dedicated marketing team.

Find out more information on our events via our website and social media channels:


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The 4 Pillars of SEO | SEO Plan 2023 | SEO Tips and Tricks 2023

The 4 Pillars of SEO
Technical SEO: Makes Your Discoverable. Technical SEO makes it easier for search engine bots to discover, crawl, and index your pages.
On-Page SEO: Makes Your Pages Understandable.
Content: Shows the Value You Provide.
Off-Page SEO: Proves Your Authority.

The 4 Pillars of SEO: The Foundation of Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of digital marketing, and it is essential for businesses to understand its core components to effectively improve their online visibility. The four pillars of SEO form the foundation of a successful SEO strategy and are essential for any business looking to improve its search engine rankings. In this blog, we will discuss the four pillars of SEO and how they can help your business achieve its online marketing goals.

Content: Quality and Relevant Content
Content is king when it comes to SEO, and the quality and relevance of your content is crucial in determining your search engine ranking. Your content should be optimized for target keywords and should satisfy the user’s intent. High-quality, relevant content not only helps to attract organic traffic but also enhances the user experience on your website.

Technical SEO: A Solid Technical Foundation
Technical SEO refers to the technical aspects of your website, including elements such as website structure, crawlability, and mobile-friendliness. A solid technical foundation is essential for ensuring that search engines can easily crawl and index your website, improving its visibility in search engine results.

Link Building: Acquiring High-Quality Backlinks
Link building is the process of acquiring high-quality backlinks from other websites. Backlinks help to improve the authority and visibility of your website in search engine results. High-quality backlinks are a crucial factor in determining your search engine ranking, and they can significantly improve your website’s online visibility.

User Experience: Providing a Positive User Experience
User experience is an essential aspect of SEO, and it plays a crucial role in determining your search engine ranking. Factors such as page load speed, website design, and user engagement can significantly impact the user experience on your website. Providing a positive user experience not only enhances the relevance and credibility of your website in the eyes of search engines but also improves the overall user experience on your website.

Best SEO Company: Pointersoft

If you are looking to improve your online visibility, Pointersoft is the best SEO company for you. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch SEO services to our clients and helping them achieve their online marketing goals. With a strong focus on the four pillars of SEO, we ensure that our clients’ websites have a solid technical foundation, high-quality content, and a positive user experience. Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest SEO techniques and is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their online marketing goals.

In conclusion, the four pillars of SEO form the foundation of a successful SEO strategy, and they are crucial for businesses looking to improve their online visibility. By focusing on the four pillars of SEO, businesses can improve their search engine rankings and achieve their online marketing goals. If you are looking for the best SEO company, look no further than Pointersoft. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch SEO services and helping our clients achieve their online marketing goals.

4 Pillars of a Successful SEO Strategy

Success in search doesn’t happen by accident. While a lot has changed in SEO over the years, there may be more opportunities now than ever before. In this video, I’ll share my 4 pillars to building a successful SEO strategy.

Read the transcript here:

�� Get more SEO Tips to Maximize Your Sites Exposure:

�� Search Intent and the SERPs: How to Leverage the Search Results to Create a Better Strategy:

�� What is Semantic SEO: How search has changed and what you can do about it:


Who is SMA Marketing?

SMA Marketing is an international search marketing agency that has been helping global and local brands grow online since 2009.

We specialize in SEO and Inbound lead generation. Levering both data and intuition, we’ve help hundreds of companies succeed online and trained thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers with the help of our videos.

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What Is Enterprise SEO by former Amazon SEO Product Manager

Product Management Webinar about What Enterprise SEO Is.

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Kenyon focused on breaking down SEO to its core principals and extrapolating very practical and executable product framework.

SEO is often thought about as a black magic that few if any can master especially at an enterprise level. The simple truth of SEO is that you are tasked with creating value for customers and using technology and content as a means to do so. Despite the complexity often assumed with SEO, search engines like Google are in the business of proving users, real humans, unique valuable information and experiences, if you can build products to support that with some technical caveats, you too can SEO.

Kenyon Adei-Manu is a SEO Product Manager with 7 years of enterprise SEO Product experience. He currently works as a Sr. Product Manager at Carvana driving products that provide customer value and fuel growth. Previously he worked as SEO Product Manager at Amazon and Overstock, leading product initiatives ranging from UGC to Isomorphic Web Apps.

Product School is the world’s first tech business school. We offer certified Product Management, Coding, Data and Blockchain courses; our instructors are real-world product managers working at top tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Airbnb, LinkedIn, PayPal, and Netflix.

Our classes are part-time, designed to fit into your work schedule, and the campuses are located in 14 cities worldwide, including Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles and London. See our upcoming courses here:

In addition to classes, each of our campuses host weekly events with top industry professionals about Product Management, Data, Coding and Blockchain. Click here to see what we have coming up:

Product leaders from local top tech companies visit Product School campuses each week. Through lectures, panel discussions, and a variety of other forums, the world’s top product managers visit Product School to provide invaluable real-world insights into critical management issues.

�� The Product Book has arrived! Learn how to become a great Product Manager. Get your copy here:

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SEO Maintenance: A Checklist For Essential Year-Round Tasks

SEO Maintenance: A Checklist For Essential Year-Round Tasks

SEO without structure can take a lot of time and resources with little ROI. These daily, weekly & monthly tasks will keep you on track.

Maximizing Amazon SEO: How Can You Optimize Your Amazon Listing for Customers and Algorithms

SEO Checklist: Exactly What To Do For More Organic Search Traffic

ChatGPT Content Creation For SEO Checklist – 8 Steps To Improve SEO Content Writing With ChatGPT

The SEO Checklist – How to Fix All of Your SEO Errors

24 Best Google Keyword Planner Alternatives

24 Best Google Keyword Planner Alternatives

Looking for a good alternative to Google Keyword Planner? Here are 24 tools you can use to discover keyword ideas and search volume predictions.

7 Best Free Keyword Planner Alternatives – Find Hidden Buying Keywords That Are Easy To Rank

7 Best Free Keyword Planner Alternatives –, Best Keyword Research Tool:

1. WordZe –
2. KW Finder –
3. Keyword Research Tool by –
4. Answer The Public –
5. Keyword Shitter –
6. Soolve –
7. Übersuggest –

BONUS Chrome Extension: Keywords Everywhere –

OK, so my favorite free kw research tool is WordZe.
We have here Ultimate Search and Long Tail Kws. For start you can choose the Ultimate Search.
You paste your kw, select one of your projects or create a new one, select the country, language, exact match search or broad search and click the search button.
As you can see we have monthly search volume, CPC, traffic value, PPC competition, trending and here is related available domains checker, you can go deeper and get the long-tale keywords.
Here you can check the search engines you want.
You can export your desired keywords to txt and CSV files.
If you’re watching this video on my blog then below you can watch more detailed walkthrough video, if you’re watching this on YT the check out my blog post, where you can find the additional info. The link is in the description.

Another nice kw tool is KW
We paste here our kw, we can choose location and language, we can import keywords if we want, and we click Search.
Awesome thing about it is that besides the keyword search volume and suggested keywords, it also shows keyword difficulty and top 10 competitors along with instant competition link analysis. The downside is that you need to upgrade to get full list of keyword ideas and get more kw suggestions, but you can get those from WordZe. The instant competition analysis which you get right away makes the kw research faster and more efficient.
You can also see trending here export your kws in CSV file.
Below you can watch the video overview.

NUMBER 3 is Keyword Research Tool by
It’s really simple keyword research tool. It doesn’t give you as many features and keyword ideas as the other tools, but it’s ok becasue it shows search volume, CPC and value. You can also build your keyword list.

NR 4 is
It shows keyword suggestion in diagram and based on alphabet.
By default it doesn’t give any search volumes nor CPC, but at the end of this video I’ll show you how to fix it for free so keep watching.

NR 5 is Keyword Shitter
Keyword Shitter is a very cool and simple keyword research tool. Simply paste your keyword or kws and the get keyword ideas. Awesome thing it had fields for positive and negative words. By default it doesn’t give you search volumes, but our fix I mentioned earlier turns this easy tool to really great kw planner tool aternative. You can also download your keywords in .txt file.

NR 6 – Soolve
Nice and easy tool which gives you keyword ideas from several different engines instantly. As you can see available are
• Google
• YouTube
• Amazon
• Yahoo
• Bing
• Wikipedia
It doesn’t show search volumes, but again – we got it, so keep watching.

Nr 7 – well known Übersuggest
It has Word Cloud tab and you can download your selected or all keywords. You can choose country and the search type like
• Web
• YouTube
• Images
• Shopping
• News
You can also see Google trends data, do instant Google search and expand this keyword. For more info watch the walkthrough video below.
It doesn’t show the monthly search volumes nor CPC, but here’s where our BONUS toy comes in:

Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool
It’s totally awesome and 100% free Firefox and Chrome extension, which makes possible to see monthly search volumes and CPC Using tools I mentioned in points 4,5,6, 7 and every Google search you do. Check this out:
5. Keyword Shitter
If you want to check monthly search volumes in bulk simply paste your kws here and below you will find all you need
6. Soolve
7. Übersuggest
Let’s do a Google search:

You won’t tell me it was not awesome.
I suggest you to install it right away and use.”

Google +:
FB group:

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Keyword Estimator
Mothly Search Volume Tool

Keyword Planner Alternatives: Awesome Tools for SEO Keyword Discovery

Google has decided to be a little evil (pardon the pun), by removing detailed keyword data from its Keyword Planner. (Materials at Unfortunately, until you spend some money with AdWords and have a “reliable” account, the Keyword Planner gives you a range of data as opposed to accurate data. Pretty evil, if you ask me, as Google should act as though its near monopoly on search is a “public trust.” But, they don’t listen to me. So here are some alternatives to the Keyword Planner – great tools whether or not you use the official Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Let’s get started!

Keyword Planner Tutorial | How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For Keyword Research

The best Google Ads coaching/training here Plus join the Livestream every weekday at 1600 hrs UK time here:

In this video you will learn how to use Google AdWords for keyword research.
***Learn Ninja AdWords Techniques- FREE VIDEO COURSE HERE***

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BEST Keyword Research Tool – I got 1,000,000+ VISITORS using THIS!

Here is the best keyword research tool collection that I have personally used to get over 1,000,000 visitors to my websites. You can use these FREE tools to dominate Page 1 of Google.

All marketers need to do keyword research, properly. Today I’m presenting to you my favorite and best free keyword research tools. Noone wants to spend hundreds a month, especially when they’re new to online marketing. Enjoy!

✅ My FREE Niche Website Training:
✅ SEMRush 14-Day Free Trial:

✅ 7 More Keyword Research Tools:
✅ Start-to-Finish Keyword Research Tutorial:
✅ SEMRush Full Tutorial & 14-day Trial:

Ok, you want to get traffic to your website. We all do. For that, you need to learn how to do SEO keyword research.

The first tool I’m showing today will help you generate thousands of excellent long-term keywords.

The second tool will help you get very accurate search counts for each of the keywords.

And the last tool will help you get a very precise competition strength for each of the keywords.

Using these free tools, you will be able to drastically increase traffic to your website.

Comment & Subcribe if you liked the content!

00:00 Intro
00:27 Tool 1
03:21 Tool 2
06:26 What’s the Minimum Search Volume?
07:25 Tool 3
09:04 What Max Keyword Difficulty to Accept?
09:34 What’s Minimum Content Length?
10:49 Bonus Tool 1
12:29 Bonus Tool 2
13:03 Get my Free Guide

Google AMP & SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Google AMP & SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Should you AMP-lify your site for SEO? Learn about AMP's advantages and drawbacks, plus what's involved for optimal implementation and reporting.

Using FAQs To Rank on Google Maps Higher – GMB SEO

#shorts #localseo #gmbseo

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) Explained

The first 200 people who head to will get 20% off their annual premium subscription of Brilliant.

That little lightning bolt icon you see while you’re scrolling through Google results on your phone indicates an “AMP” page that will load faster – but what exactly is AMP?

Techquickie Merch Store:

Techquickie Movie Poster:×36-poster


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SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google in 2023

Are you an SEO beginner?

No worries!

In this video, I’m going to walk you through the core pillars of every successful SEO campaign.

But the first question is:

What is SEO?

It’s an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.”

And it’s the process of ranking web pages on the first page of Google’s organic search results.

This process of SEO has four core pillars of success:


Keywords are the foundation of every successful SEO campaign. In fact, understanding how to pick the right keywords will make or break your campaign.

I’ll show you how to pick the right keywords for your business and your unique situation in the video.

Once you’ve found keywords, you need to optimize your site’s technical performance.

In-depth keyword research training ➡️


Please don’t fear the word “technical” because it’s pretty easy once you understand what to look for. The goal of optimizing technical performance is twofold:

First, we want Google to be able to crawl and index our pages in an efficient manner.

Second, we want our site to have a tremendous User Experience (UX).

I’ll show you what to look for and how to optimize both elements in the video.

Once you’ve found keywords and optimized for UX, it’s time for the most important part:


Think of content as the lead domino for SEO success. You should invest most of your time in optimizing and creating new SEO-driven content.

Here’s the key:

You should always optimize BEFORE you create.

I’ll explain why in the video.

And last, but not least:


You can nail all previous pillars like a pro, but without backlinks, you’ll struggle. What are backlinks? They are links from other websites and Google considers them as “votes.”

In theory, the more high-quality votes your page has, the more Google will trust it.

What does a high-quality backlink look like? Watch the video to find out 🙂


1️⃣ Watch the entire video because I’m going to prove that 99.9% of people do this one SEO action completely backward.

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Want to skip around? Here you go:

0:00 Intro
0:52 What is SEO?
2:07 4 Core Pillars of SEO
2:17 Keyword Research (like a Pro)
7:48 Technical SEO 101
11:53 How to Optimize & Create SEO Content
14:36 The Art & Science of Backlinks


More awesome free SEO training:

Keyword Research Tutorial: 3-Step Process (for Beginners & Pros) ►

SEO Audit Tutorial – Perfect for Beginners! ►

6-Step SEO Strategy (That Works in 2022) ►

Become an On-Page SEO Genius ►

How to Create SEO Content (That Actually Ranks!) ►

Ultimate Backlinks Guide (+ 3 Awesome Link Building Techniques) ►


The opinions of the speaker are his own and might not match the opinions of Semrush.

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The relation of Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and SEO: Everything You Need to Know

According to a study, mobile traffic has grown 504% in daily media consumption since 2011. With more and more consumers using their mobile phones to access content, it’s more important than ever to optimize for the mobile experience—not just for your readers, but for your SEO; Google can detect pages that load slowly or that have a high bounce rate, and will rank those pages lower in search results.

Apart from faster loading speeds and a better experience for content consumers, AMP offers several benefits to businesses with a content and SEO strategy

Get to know more benefits in our digital journal.
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[email protected]

Google Recommends This Core Web Vitals Audit Workflow

Google Recommends This Core Web Vitals Audit Workflow

Google releases a recommended audit strategy targeting Core Web Vitals, as well as highlighting questions to ask and tools to utilize.

A deep dive into optimizing LCP

There is no shortage of advice on the web about improving page load performance, and yet, of the three Core Web Vitals, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is still the hardest metric for most sites to consistently meet the recommended “good” threshold. This talk looks at what makes LCP a hard metric to optimize, and offers some concrete strategies to break this complex metric down into a few simple parts, making it much easier to reason about and ultimately improve.

Optimize LCP →

Speaker: Philip Walton

Watch more:
All Google I/O 2022 Sessions →
Web at I/O 2022 playlist →
All Google I/O 2022 technical sessions →

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Testing and Optimizing Google’s Core Web Vitals – Part 1

Are you wondering how you can improve your website and start getting free traffic? Watch this video for easy tips.


Here’s the link to the video about Google’s core web vitals:

Here’s the link to Google’s PageSpeed Insights:

Here’s the link to the video about the other web vitals:

Here’s the link to the Webinar:


Did you know research has shown that nearly 91% of web pages get no search traffic from Google? And this is huge considering that 94% of organic searches come from Google.

The reason for this problem is that Google uses certain metrics to test the quality of your website and this algorithm impacts your ranking. And, if your site doesn’t score high enough, it’s not likely to show up on the first page of the search results. And almost no one goes to the second page!

Are you wondering how you can improve your website and start getting free traffic? Watch this video for easy tips.

The video transcript is available at

Get the book Dominate The Top from Jeffrey Kirk at or from Amazon at


content ID code: 7PDQHV9AN8UAQABV

Core Web Vitals Explained: How To Fix Site Optimization Issues

Wondering how to fix Core Web Vitals issues? In this video, you’ll get the full rundown on how Core Web Vitals works and what you can do to get your site issues fixed…

Download my Evergreen Onsite SEO Guide FREE

In a nutshell, this video talks about…

00:00 Introduction
00:31 Why Core Web Vitals are Important
01:32 Core Web Vitals as Google Does It

**Getting Quick Synthetic Testing Data**
03:38 Google Lighthouse
03:51 GTmetrix
04:01 Reddico

04:16 Understanding The Reports
04:30 Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
05:10 First Input Delay (FID)
05:37 Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

06:29 Solving LCP and FID problems
06:42 Upgrade Your Hosting
07:08 Caching
07:20 Lazy Load
07:33 Cloud Delivery Network (CDN)
08:00 Image Compression
08:16 Java Script Optimization
08:45 Upgrade to HTTPS
08:54 Summary

09:27 Solving CLS Issues

Start your WPX hosting now and get your 90% off on your first month by using my coupon code: DIGGITY90

You can use my coupon code: DIGGITY10 and get your $10 off your optimization

Check your Core Web Vitals here for free:
• Google Search Console (
• Google Page Speen Insights (

Reddico SERP Speed Tool:

Watch my Gear Hungry SEO Review:


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For more Advanced SEO Tips, check out this Playlist

The 9 most effective Core Web Vitals opportunities of 2023

It seems there are about as many ways to improve web performance as there are websites themselves. Don’t get overwhelmed! Learn about the 9 areas that the Chrome team has identified as the most effective opportunities to improve Core Web Vitals.

Chrome’s top Core Web Vitals recommendations for 2023 →
Overview of Core Web Vitals →
Resources for making fast websites →

Speaker: Barry Pollard

Watch more:
Watch all the Technical Sessions from Google I/O 2023 →
Watch more Web Sessions →
All Google I/O 2023 Sessions →

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How to Win in Competitive & Costly PPC Environments

How to Win in Competitive & Costly PPC Environments

Winning in high-cost verticals requires leveraging different tools and a marketing mindset. Here are six ways to get started.

3 Keys You Need To Know for PPC in 2019

If you’re spending money on Pay Per Click (Google ads) to drive leads to your website, you need to make sure that you’re (1) not wasting money on bad clicks and (2) actually converting those clicks into leads and deals. On this live replay, Brendan breaks down his best practices for those getting started in PPC: The pros and cons of Google Smart Campaigns, How to structure your keywords, and how to build better connection and credibility. Catch us live every Thursday at 1PM PST on Facebook or

10:00 Trends Brendan sees with PPC:
14:00 Throwing away leads and leaving money on the table because they’re not local to you.
18:35 The Pros and Cons of using Google Smart Campaigns. How it might be costing you more money than you think.
26:00 The biggest mistakes in PPC and how to structure your keywords
36:00 How to calculate your budget for PPC
44:30 The #1 Thing you need to nail down before paying for PPC: Your about page.
51:00 What’s a good cadence or maintenance plan for my campaign & The problem with #1 or #2 spot in Google
58:00 “Have you experimented with YouTube ads?”

Mentioned in this episode:
The most important page on your website:
How to calculate your max cost-per-lead:
Carrot’s PPC report:

8-Figure Formula – How To Win In Competitive Markets

If you want to create change, it starts with you. How? Simple: 1) Take ownership of a problem. 2) Create a solution for that problem. 3) Find others you can serve with the same problem and introduce them to your solution. When you’re ready, this resource will get you started:


Want to learn more about how to create a sellable business without a big team?

Download my free playbook “8-Figure Paydays and Investing The Profits for Passive Income”

The marketplace has changed. It’s more competitive than ever. This keynote will fix that.

Whether you are starting from scratch or already run a thriving company, this keynote will show you how to build audiences that keep you profitable from Day One. This will make you more profitable, sellable, and scalable from the very first sale.

Want to learn more about growing massive businesses and investing the profits?
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�� What Is �� empowers Capitalists to create change. A Capitalist is a visionary type of entrepreneur. While some feel entitled to what belongs to others, we take responsibility for solving problems that we did not create. Whether it’s a global crisis or just an empty bank account, we take ownership for creating change, and we are already hard at work.

We don’t post just our lifestyle on Instagram or succeed to look good to other people. A Capitalist doesn’t have to win at the expense of others; no, a Capitalist works with others to create new opportunities that didn’t exist before, and the byproduct is profit. That’s why we embrace being part of the One Percent, because we are willing to outwork and outserve the other 99.

We know that if you want to change the world, we must first change ourselves. It doesn’t happen overnight; it starts by serving others and doing the work day after day after day. If you want to create change, it starts with you. So while the world debates, we create. We take responsibility. We solve problems. We build businesses. We create opportunity. And we proudly produce profit.

They can judge us, debate us, even blame us and try to tax us, but without us, there would be no change. We are Capitalists, and we create change.

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SSP #340 – Amazon PPC And Launch Strategies

Serious Sellers Podcast #340 – Amazon PPC And Launch Strategies

What’s new with Amazon PPC and product launches? Today’s guest, Mina Elias, an Amazon FBA and PPC expert, shares his insights, strategies, and experiences in this episode. Listen and learn his specific system for managing his personal and client’s PPC campaigns. He also talks about the benefits of networking and why meeting up and chatting with other sellers can help you level up your Amazon game.

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Amazon PPC Tutorial 2022 | Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies & Benchmarking | PPC Amazon 2022

This video covers advanced Amazon PPC strategies with the help of a PPC benchmarker from sellics. This Amazon PPC Tutorial 2022 covers Amazon PPC for beginners 2022 all the way through to the advanced seller. This Amazon PPC 2022 tutorial shows you how to evaluate your PPC performance against your competitors, evaluate Amazon PPC advanced metrics and employ Amazon FBA PPC optimization strategies to boost your Amazon PPC marketing.

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We cover amazon ppc step by step, from your Amazon PPC launch strategy to Amazon PPC management through the growth stage, and finally Amazon PPC optimization 2022. This Amazon FBA PPC Guide and amazon ppc tutorial for beginners looks at important Amazon pay per click advertising metrics like click through rate and Amazon ACoS amongst others so you can form an Amazon PPC strategy to improve your PPC performance. This PPC Amazon tutorial will answer how to fix PPC on Amazon or how to optimize PPC on Amazon through more than one Amazon FBA PPC strategy and multiple Amazon PPC tricks.



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00:00 – Intro
00:20 – PPC Questions
00:53 – Using a Benchmarker
02:01 – Inside the benchmarker
02:53 – STEP 1: Signup
03:41 – STEP 2: The Basics
04:15 – Sponsored Products Vs Brands
05:08 – STEP 3: Sponsored Products Performance
07:15 – Performance by individual product
09:01 – STEP 4: ACoS performance
09:08 – ACoS explained
11:44 – Advanced ACoS strategies
16:37 – Profit on Ad Sales
17:56 – Optimizing PPC performance
18:08 – STEP 5: CPC Performance
20:06 – Reduce CPC
21:33 – STEP 6: CTR Performance
22:48 – Improve CTR
25:13 – STEP 7: CVR Performance
27:11 – Improve CVR
30:17 – STEP 8: Take Action
31:09 – Steps to Optimize
33:42 – What next?

DISCLAIMER: Content on the Dan Rodgers YouTube Channel and extensions thereof is intended to be used for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is important to do your own research before making investment, financial or business decisions, taking into account your own personal circumstances. Dan Rodgers is not a financial advisor. Always seek professional advice from certified professionals or independently verify any information you find on our channel, website or any of our other platforms before making decisions.

How NLP & NLU Work For Semantic Search

How NLP & NLU Work For Semantic Search

NLP and NLU make semantic search more intelligent through tasks like normalization, typo tolerance, and entity recognition.

Understanding Semantic Search Strategies

Semantic Search and Natural Language Processing

How Nlp & Nlu Work For Semantic Search

Natural Language Processing In 5 Minutes | What Is NLP And How Does It Work? | Simplilearn

Google Testing Thumbnail Images in Search Results

Google Testing Thumbnail Images in Search Results

Google testing thumbnail images in the organic search results. This is why some sites don't get them and what you should do.

YouTube Thumbnail A/B testing | Get More Views Using TubeBuddy

YES, it’s possible to do YouTube Thumbnail A/B testing! Watch this video to discover how to test which thumbnail will get more views.

In this TubeBuddy tutorial, I’ll walk you step by step through how to split test on YouTube using the TubeBuddy a/b testing feature. By spending an extra 5 minutes each week to use this YouTube ab testing feature, you’ll naturally see your YouTube views increase.


0:00 Intro
:34 What is split testing?
1:52 How to access the Thumbnail A/B testing feature in TubeBuddy
3:21 Analyzing results from YouTube thumbnail A/B testing
4:24 How to split test thumbnails using TubeBuddy
6:04 What to watch next


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Google Reduces Video Thumbnails in Search Results

Google has made significant changes to their search results by reducing the number of video thumbnails that appear in the SERPs.�� Moving forward, video thumbnails will only appear when the video is the main content on the page. These changes will have an impact on video performance reports and may require businesses to adapt their video marketing strategies. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes and optimise video content to remain visible on search results.

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How To Show Your Picture In Google Search Results By Setting Up Google Authorship | Rich Snippets

Get your picture to show on Google results SERP pages. Detailed guide here –

Do you know that you can display your profile picture in Google using Google Authorship ?

This video shows you what to do to show your picture in google search results. It’s called google authorship markup. It just involves adding your google plus profile link with a special parameter at the end of the url (rel author) to your website and then adding your website url back to your google plus profile. And finally using the google rich snippets tool to check if everything works perfect.


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