24 Best Google Keyword Planner Alternatives


24 Best Google Keyword Planner Alternatives

Looking for a good alternative to Google Keyword Planner? Here are 24 tools you can use to discover keyword ideas and search volume predictions.

7 Best Free Keyword Planner Alternatives – Find Hidden Buying Keywords That Are Easy To Rank

7 Best Free Keyword Planner Alternatives – http://myimplace.com/7-best-free-keyword-planner-alternatives/, Best Keyword Research Tool: http://myimplace.com/keywordsupremacy

1. WordZe – http://myimplace.com/wordze
2. KW Finder – http://myimplace.com/kwfindercom
3. Keyword Research Tool by serps.com – https://serps.com/tools/keyword-research/
4. Answer The Public – http://answerthepublic.com/
5. Keyword Shitter – http://keywordshitter.com/
6. Soolve – http://soovle.com/
7. Übersuggest – https://ubersuggest.io/

BONUS Chrome Extension: Keywords Everywhere – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/keywords-everywhere-keywo/hbapdpeemoojbophdfndmlgdhppljgmp?hl=en

OK, so my favorite free kw research tool is WordZe.
We have here Ultimate Search and Long Tail Kws. For start you can choose the Ultimate Search.
You paste your kw, select one of your projects or create a new one, select the country, language, exact match search or broad search and click the search button.
As you can see we have monthly search volume, CPC, traffic value, PPC competition, trending and here is related available domains checker, you can go deeper and get the long-tale keywords.
Here you can check the search engines you want.
You can export your desired keywords to txt and CSV files.
If you’re watching this video on my blog then below you can watch more detailed walkthrough video, if you’re watching this on YT the check out my blog post, where you can find the additional info. The link is in the description.

Another nice kw tool is KW Finder.com.
We paste here our kw, we can choose location and language, we can import keywords if we want, and we click Search.
Awesome thing about it is that besides the keyword search volume and suggested keywords, it also shows keyword difficulty and top 10 competitors along with instant competition link analysis. The downside is that you need to upgrade to get full list of keyword ideas and get more kw suggestions, but you can get those from WordZe. The instant competition analysis which you get right away makes the kw research faster and more efficient.
You can also see trending here export your kws in CSV file.
Below you can watch the video overview.

NUMBER 3 is Keyword Research Tool by serps.com
It’s really simple keyword research tool. It doesn’t give you as many features and keyword ideas as the other tools, but it’s ok becasue it shows search volume, CPC and value. You can also build your keyword list.

NR 4 is AnswerThePublic.com
It shows keyword suggestion in diagram and based on alphabet.
By default it doesn’t give any search volumes nor CPC, but at the end of this video I’ll show you how to fix it for free so keep watching.

NR 5 is Keyword Shitter
Keyword Shitter is a very cool and simple keyword research tool. Simply paste your keyword or kws and the get keyword ideas. Awesome thing it had fields for positive and negative words. By default it doesn’t give you search volumes, but our fix I mentioned earlier turns this easy tool to really great kw planner tool aternative. You can also download your keywords in .txt file.

NR 6 – Soolve
Nice and easy tool which gives you keyword ideas from several different engines instantly. As you can see available are
• Google
• YouTube
• Amazon
• Yahoo
• Bing
• Wikipedia
• Answers.com
It doesn’t show search volumes, but again – we got it, so keep watching.

Nr 7 – well known Übersuggest
It has Word Cloud tab and you can download your selected or all keywords. You can choose country and the search type like
• Web
• YouTube
• Images
• Shopping
• News
You can also see Google trends data, do instant Google search and expand this keyword. For more info watch the walkthrough video below.
It doesn’t show the monthly search volumes nor CPC, but here’s where our BONUS toy comes in:

Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool
It’s totally awesome and 100% free Firefox and Chrome extension, which makes possible to see monthly search volumes and CPC Using tools I mentioned in points 4,5,6, 7 and every Google search you do. Check this out:
4. AnswerThePublic.com
5. Keyword Shitter
If you want to check monthly search volumes in bulk simply paste your kws here and below you will find all you need
6. Soolve
7. Übersuggest
Let’s do a Google search:

You won’t tell me it was not awesome.
I suggest you to install it right away and use.”

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Keyword Estimator
Mothly Search Volume Tool

Keyword Planner Alternatives: Awesome Tools for SEO Keyword Discovery

Google has decided to be a little evil (pardon the pun), by removing detailed keyword data from its Keyword Planner. (Materials at http://bit.ly/2gzHjEX). Unfortunately, until you spend some money with AdWords and have a “reliable” account, the Keyword Planner gives you a range of data as opposed to accurate data. Pretty evil, if you ask me, as Google should act as though its near monopoly on search is a “public trust.” But, they don’t listen to me. So here are some alternatives to the Keyword Planner – great tools whether or not you use the official Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Let’s get started!

Keyword Planner Tutorial | How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For Keyword Research

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In this video you will learn how to use Google AdWords for keyword research.
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Ok, you want to get traffic to your website. We all do. For that, you need to learn how to do SEO keyword research.

The first tool I’m showing today will help you generate thousands of excellent long-term keywords.

The second tool will help you get very accurate search counts for each of the keywords.

And the last tool will help you get a very precise competition strength for each of the keywords.

Using these free tools, you will be able to drastically increase traffic to your website.

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